Exercise 2.3 What should happen when run cartographer.launch.py?

Hello, I followed the solution for Exercise 2.3. I could build the cartographer_slam.
However, when I run the cartographer.launch.py, it seemed there is no error but I could not see the rviz opened as running
ros2 launch turtlebot3_cartographer cartographer.launch.py

I am wondering what should I see if I run cartographer.launch.py.
Also, if I want to see the package turtlebot3_cartographer, how to access this package from the IDE?

Thank you,

Hello @gridsada ,

By launching the file cartographer.launch.py you start the /cartographer_node which will start generating the map based on input laser data. However, this has nothing to do with RViz2. If you want to visualize the process in RViz2 you have to start rviz2 separately (as you do in the Exercise 2.1) or include the launch of rviz2 inside the cartographer.launch.py file.