Example 3.1 CMake error

In the course ROS Basics in 5 days Unit 3 I face this problem

Hi @apadin ,

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Did you create the package using the following command ?:
ros2 pkg create my_package --build-type ament_python --dependencies rclpy

The error states that there is no CMakeLists.txt file in the package. Check again if you have that file.
If you do not have that file, delete the my_package folder and create the package again with the command line. Make sure that you are in ~/ros2_ws/src folder when you create a package.

If you still have this problem, then post a screenshot (a picture) of your my_package folders expanded in the folder tree view on your IDE left panel.
Also post the output of the ros2 create pkg ... command for this package.

– Girish