ERROR while trying to compile darknet in ROS2 Foxy rosject

Hello, for my rosject I wanted to use use darknet with yolo-tiny, like you did in the Nanosaur Open Classes. I cloned the repository from github (leggedrobotics/darknet_ros) to the catkin workspace like the github page asked, while compiling I got the error shown below

I have never seen an error like this in ROS. Any help, how I can use this repository in my rosject/how to solve this problem?

This is because the repo you are cloning is made for ROS, not ROS 2.

ROS uses catkin_make to compile, while ROS 2 uses colcon build

Try the ROS 2 version: GitHub - ros2/openrobotics_darknet_ros: ROS 2 interface to darknet, an open source neural network library.