ERROR while launching a file

Hi, everyone knows what happen? It happens also on ROS Basic 5 days C++

Hi @Voltedge ,

We need more context to help you.

On what all courses are you getting this error? Is it only in ROS Basics in 5 Days with C++?

What chapter / unit are you working on?

Also, I believe that this is a CMakeLists.txt file error. Could you post your CMakeLists.txt file for this package here? Also make sure you enclose the file contents within a code block. It is called “Preformatted Text” when you compose your post. Otherwise you can paste it as shown below:

Example code-block:
<Paste your CMakeLists.txt file contents here>

You can find this symbol : ` (tilde) on the top-left of your keyboard. It is near the keys Esc, 1 and Tab.


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