Error running gazebo simulation

[ERROR] [bt_navigator-10]: process has died [pid 7362, exit code -11, cmd ‘/opt/ros/foxy/lib/nav2_bt_navigator/bt_navigator–ros-args -r __node:=bt_navigator --params-file /tmp/tmp8k1325vb -r /tf:=tf -r /tf_static:=tf_static’].

Can you please post the complete terminal Logs, and also the content of your Launch file. You can also debug using GDB utility to monitor the Logs in depth.

Good day @Francisco5
This indicates that the process named bt_navigator has terminated unexpectedly. What you could do is to try and kill the pid and relaunch the node . Command as follows below

  • ps aux | grep gzserver

  • killa -9 7362

The 7362 serves as the pid . You can kill this and relaunch the node. You could also try updating the packages .

  • sudo apt update

Check if the ros parameters : use_sim_time is set to True . if not set it to True. That’s if you using simulation.



Hi, @Francisco5

The error message you provided indicates that the bt_navigator process has died unexpectedly with exit code -11.

Here are some things you can do to resolve your issue:

  1. Check for Segmentation Faults: ls -l core* (this will show you the core dump files which may help you find more information about the segmentation faults).
  2. You can also review log files to see if any errors are cropping up.
  3. Update ROS Packages: sudo apt update
  4. Debugging: use the GNU Debugger to debug the bt_navigator process.
    gdb --args ros2 launch [input navigation package] [input navigation file]


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