Error in the 6-Project

I found another “major” bug in the nav2 tutorial. The first command “ros2 launch turtlebot3_gazebo” does not work.

btw there is also a problem in chapter 3 and 4 with the “colcon build --packages-select nav2_bringup” but this can be easily be solved by copying the source code of this package to you own workspace

Hello @t.alscher ,

I’ve updated the notebook of the Project in order to remove this command (since it is for launching the simulation, but the simulation is already launched) and also update other things in the project. I’ve also done some other updates to the course repository and other notebooks in the course to solve other issues. It should be working properly now. Many thanks for your feedback messages, please keep sharing with us any other errors you find in this course or other courses you might follow in the future.


Thanks :wink:

And there are also two bugs with the simulation that I always forget to mention. (This isn’t a nav2 tutorial problem. I have also noticed it in other tutorials)

  1. The robot always moves (no program is running). It’s slow but steady.
  2. Idk if it’s caused by the ros2 simulation or the website rework, but you cant reset the robot to the start position. You can only reload the whole simulation.