E32 : No file name when saving file with vim

i was executing the commands as mentioned to save a file

Hey!!! Don’t go so fast! You haven’t explained yet how to save a file! All right, all right… I just got too excited. So, at this point, you are still in the insert mode. In order to save the file, you need to go back to the command mode. And how do you do this? Very simple, just by clicking on the esc key of your keyboard. Once you do so, you will see how the – INSERT – word disappears from your vi editor.

So, now you’re back again to the command mode. In order to save the file, you have to enter the following sequence of characters → :wq. Check out the image below:

i got the error E32: No file name ( snap attached)

Hello @Muzakkir ,

I suggest you try to repeat the exercise from zero. I’ve been doing some tests here and everything seems to be working fine.

Hi @Muzakkir ,

the reason why it is failing is that you opened vim without passing it a file name.

You may have typed just “vi” instead of “vi filename.py”.

By passing the file name when opening vi, it should work.