Drone navigation and odometry by subscription in RVIZ

Hi how is it? I have used a code to test a model in RVIZ, my model is a drone and I want to make it link with the odometry of the same drone. The problem is that it doesn’t give me an odometry topic, it gives me two topics, one called LOCAL_POSITION and another called ATTITUDE. The first one gives me a POINTSTAMPED message and the second one gives me a QUATERNIONSTAMPED message. I want to use a node to be able to subscribe to the topics and convert them to odometry, or maybe a way to do it. Could you please help me.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, ROS Noetic , dji_sdk

Hi @Cristian977 ,

You can use TFs for that. Subscribe to the topics and generate a Transformation between the map/world/odom and the drone.

Check how to create a TF and setup the world frame in RViz as the static one (or the reference you want to have) and add the Transformation Frame to be visualized in the menu on the left side.

We have many references for TF in our youtube channel, but you can have a step-by-step following the TF course or even course about programming drones, where you will use MoveIt to do more advanced stuff.


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