Course prerequisites

In the Introductory Chapter it lists under minimum requirements

  • Basic OpenAI knowledge. You can get this knowledge by following the OpenAI Gym for Robotics 101 course."

This is frustrating for several reasons:

  • OpenAI knowledge isn’t listed a prerequisite on the course page
  • This seems like a fairly advanced topic to be a prerequisite for an intro topic
  • There is no OpenAI Gym for Robotics 101 listed. There is Using OpenAI with ROS Noetic, but that’s a 120 hr course; so again, seems excessive to recommend in order to take an intro topic.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be a requirement?

Thank you for pointing these out. I have captured this as improvement suggestions for the next update of the course.

Thank you, as always, for considering feedback.

It has been removed. It’s really not needed because the last unit about this, explains all that you should need to understand.