Controlling my personal physical robot from within TheConstruct systems

I am building my jetbot at home. Will it be possible to engage with that from TheConstruct systems? similar to how we can control real robots in your labs?

OR is it necessary to have ROS deployed on my home Ubuntu computer which then communicates with the jetbot over Wifi?

Hello @tnkumar ,

Right now, it’s not possible to connect to your own robot through The Construct. However, this is a feature we are currently working on and it will be available very soon. For now, you have to go for the 2nd option.

Hi @tnkumar
if you are interested in using the connection from The Construct to your local robot in the same way as we do for our remote labs, let me know and I can provide you with beta testing access to that feature, so you can control the robot at your home from the online The Construct environment, and even allow other people control it (if you want).

Please send me an email to