Change Name on Certificate

Hi, I just recently completed the Code Foundation for ROS Certification but the name on the certificate was the default name in my google account which I used when I signed up. I already updated my profile name to my real name but it didn’t reflect on my current certificate. Will it still be possible to update it?

I have reset the name on your certificate.

For authenticity purposes, the name on the certificate cannot be changed by merely changing the name on the profile. Users need to contact us after updating the name on the profile.

It didn’t change. Maybe because when I looked at on my profile again it came back to the old default name. I changed my name on the “about me” section on my Online resume. I’m not sure if that is the correct way to update the profile name because everytime I sign in again it goes back to the old name. But now I already changed it under the Personal Info section but the save button doesn’t seem to work properly. Can you update the certificate again if the name will reflect “Jacqueline Cate Catley”? Sorry to bother you and Thank you in advance!

You can change the name on the online resume. Perhaps you forgot to save the changes?

You can also change the name on the account profile page.

I have reset the certificate again and now it carries the new name.

It worked! Thank you so much for your help. :hugs:

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