Cd <project_folder>

Hello all, please can someone help me, where can I create the project_forder, in my project see below the example it is not cleared to me. or is catkin_ws the project_folder the meant?
$ cd <project_folder>
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake …
$ make

Hello @nwoko,

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You do not mention which unit and exercise you are having this problem, so I must guess.

In Unit 1, section 1.6 Build System, under Build a CMake Project, you do NOT need to execute these commands. They are shown to teach how this is done in general terms. So in the future, when you are working in a project, you would always place your files in a separate directory, right? The cd <project_folder> is shown there so that you know that you must move inside you project directory before executing the remaining commands.

I have added clearer instructions to be explicit that this is is how you proceed in general.

Hope it is clearer now.



PS: Please always let us know the course you are taking, the unit, and the exercise or example on which you are having this problem.

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