Cant update .srv file

I added some parametes in .srv files but when I run a script there are still old parameters.

I tried:

  • rebuild whole project
  • restart pc
  • resource ws

but I still see old parameters as output of command “rosservice info name_of_service
What I missed ? why do that Ros to me ?

Hi @PieterT-CODES ,

If you are on ROS(1):
Delete the build and devel folders and build again with

cd ~/catkin_ws
catkin_make && source devel/setup.bash

If you are on ROS2:
Delete the build, install and log folders and build again with

cd ~/ros2_ws
colcon build && source install/setup.bash

That should fix this problem!


Thanks for your anwer. I tried delete build and devel and rebuild project but still have the same problem. Do you have some other ideas ?

Problem solved:
I imported pkg from the previos one.

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