Can't access my course materials

I took a class last week and would like to review the written materials and the code that we wrote during the class but am finding that while I have access to the rosject, and class, they aren’t working.

In the class, I only have access to the introduction but not any of the other sections. I think that it may be misconfigured because When I click on my class, it takes me to “Full Intro to ROS2 Galactic Workshop (Python)” but I took “ROS 2 Industrial Ready Master Part 1”. My files appear to be there still.

If I go to the rosject, I still don’t have access to anything other than the intro to my course. In the file section there, I have found that all of my files are now gone.

I also see that I have no certificate of completion for the course in the accomplishments of the website. That is minor in comparison to the access issues that I am having though.

Could someone at theconstructsim please fix this?

Hi @jackBuff,

You definitely should have access to that course. I apologize that you don’t.

We have granted you access to the course and are checking what happened to the rosject. We should be able to fix that today. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Regarding the certificate, please allow us until next week to solve that.

Thank you for your understanding.

You should have access to the course now, as my colleague @ralves indicated.

I have checked the rosject and found that all of your files are still there.

  • When you open the rosject, the Notebook (documentation) should open automatically. If it does not, you can open it manually by clicking on the icon shown below (at the bottom bar):

  • You can check that your files are still there by opening the Code Editor:

PS: The rosject opens in the ROSDS, which a bit different from the course environment. In the course environment, everything is already opened for you, but in ROSDS you open what you need (Notebook, Code editor, Shell, etc). Explore the icons at the bottom to see the various windows.

Also, the rosject and are course different and will not contain the same source code. The course contains the files you developed while taking the course, and the rosject contains files created in the Development environment (ROSDS).

We will solve the certificate issue next week.

I have access once again. Thank you.

Your certificate is ready now @jackBuff. You will find it on the Accomplishments page.

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