Cannot find right workspace for topics quiz, Ros2 Basics

I am new to rosject, i was trying to solve topics_quiz in Ros2 Basics python. when i tried copying from the rosject from Ros2 topics quiz link which was mentioned. It is taking me to course project. and not to the quiz. can someone guide me how to open topics quiz rosject.
Are course project and the topics quiz same?
But, I see different problem description in both the cases.

Hi @miryalkar.ashish1234 ,

You can find topics_quiz only in the ROS2 Course. NOT in the rosject.
You apply what you learned from the course in your rosject.

In case you have created your topics_quiz package in your rosject, please copy that to your course workspace, later delete your topics_quiz from your rosject.

rosject workspace is NOT the same as your course workspace !!!

NO. They are not the same.

Hope that cleared your doubts.


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