Cannot bring up older ROS Tutorial with my license

Before I signed up for a license, I was following this course by Marco Arruda, that I liked a lot because it had a comprehensive coverage of many aspects of ROS & Robotics all in one place …

But I am not able to access the course once I login! Is this because you are updating older software for the current version of RDS or am I not looking in the right place? Thanks!

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Hi @mohank,

We have changed the platform since when this series was created, so you may have not found because of this.

You will find all your rosjects using the icon My Rosjects on the left side bar (image attached). There you will find even the oldest rosjects you have already created =)

Please, let me know if you could have it


Hello Marco:
I did find where my Rosjects are kept - thank you for the quick response! I also remembered that I had actually constructed the code from that old tutorial in the local version of ROS Kinetic on my Macbook Pro, so the Rosject itself was empty. Hence the confusion! By the way, your tutorial was one of the best I have seen, touching on many different aspects of ROS, Python and Robotics concepts!

Two quick questions:
a) If I port the code over to ROS Melodic (or Noetic), is it reasonable to expect that it will run without any changes (or just a few changes)?
b) Is it possible to run code in the ROS DS using an earlier revision of ROS (say, Kinetic) or is the best approach to port the code to an LTS version and fix it as we go?


Hi @mohank ,

I have ported some projects from kinetic to melodic, but I did need to adjust some parameters in gazebo, for example. There is not a correct answer for that, since it will depend on the packages you are using.

ROS main architecture doesn’t change much from one distro to another, but there may be something specific you are using. It’s important to check the release logs and see what can be changed for your application.

Yes, you can run, but as I said in the previous paragraph, there may be changes in the packages you rely on for your application.