Can you please refund me for june payment

I can’t find any unsubscribe button on the website. and I will not use Construct for June. So I wanna get refund 39.97euro for june and , unsubscribe automatic payment for preventing addtional pay.

You can do the cancelation yourself anytime, by going to the picture on the top right corner, then press settings, and select “License”. There it is the button for cancelling the subscription.

I have searched for your subscription and I cannot find any attached to your user cha8790 neither your email. Can you please clarify?

We have refunded your last payment and canceled your subscription. You should find the money in your bank account in 5-10 days.

For the next time, please ensure you cancel your subscription before the next billing date at Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses.

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