Buy Robot Kit from "Create Your First Robot with ROS"

I’m trying to buy the robot kit from the course “Create Your First Robot with ROS” but can’t click it.
Instead I have this in the markdown:

Shopping List

We have created a page for ordering a Kit with all the parts preselected for you, sothat you just have to assembl it.

ROBOT Buying Page</a>

I know some web development so it would appear that the starting <a> tag was removed. For future reference, I have found other similar errors in your other courses which has led me to believe your site is not very secure (alot of the grammar mistakes did not look innocent/random, if you know what I mean). Maybe Remote File Inclusion (RFI) hack? Fortunately, all of them had been typoes (and so not really malicious).

Regardless, I just really want to buy that robot and couldn’t find the actual link anywhere else while browsing.


Sadly we ar enot offering that service anymore.

We could give you some alternatives to that robot:
JetBot links

Well that’s unfortunate. Thank you for the quick response though.

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