Advice for an AI student


I am an AI student who would like to learn ROS. I’m currently working on a robot arm and would like to utilize ROS as a base to build some more complex features.
I know only python 3+ and almost no C++ so I think ROS2 is the right choice? I would also like to use AI (for ex. perception to locate stuff), which is my main expertise. However I noticed there are only 2 courses on your website that are ROS2, and all the AI courses have only ROS in the title.
I dont need a course for AI and since I can use ROS with python I suppose I can use all the AI python libraries like Torch, Tensorflow… to use AI without much complications.
So should I learn ROS2 and just do the basics course and then figure out how to implement AI into my projects on my own, or should I go with ROS1?
(I will still do all the robotics theory which is probably not ROS dependent )

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

Tomas Lapes

Hello @TomasLap ,

You can also work with Python 3+ in ROS1, that’s not an issue. I don’t really have a correct answer to this question, to be honest. It quite depends on you and what you want.

However, if you want my opinion, I would go for ROS1 in your case. ROS2 is much more recent than ROS1 (which has been out there for years already), so you are going to find much more content/previous work on AI based on ROS1 than ROS2. But this is not the main reason. With ROS2, since it is in an early development stage, you are going to find yourself dealing with ROS2 issues/bugs which are not directly related to AI, which is where (I suppose) you really want to put the focus.

Summarizing: at this moment, ROS1 is much more robust than ROS2, which is going to allow you to put the focus on AI development.


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