Accidentally subscribed another subscription

HI, I have accidentally subscribed a developer? subscription while I actually wanted to subscribe to Learner Monthly. Was trying to try writing some code and thought I could update. Is there a way for me to cancel current one and buy the other one?(if I cancel, is there a chance for me to get a refund?)

Thank you so much :blush:

Could you please tell us how you made this Developer subscription, because it should not be possible to do it from the subscription page anymore!

I see that you have already cancelled the subscription, so you won’t be billed anymore. I can convert the current license to Learner Monthly, prorating the days of access accordingly. Then when this license runs out you can take up a fresh Learner subscription.

But first we would like to know how you were able to take up this subscription :slight_smile:.

I was trying to try some code out so went to develop → my rosjects and create a new rosject, after filling out information like name and descriptio, it says I need to pay and direct me to a payment page. That’s where I made the subsrciption(didn’t know it was a subscription just wanted to try code)

Thank you so much for your help! Does that mean I can have Learner Monthly now? (Would really wanna start some ros course)

Thank you for letting us know how you were able to subscribe. I apologize for that glitch - we should not have shown you that prompt to pay for the Developer license.

I have converted the Developer license to Learner Monthly, valid for 16 days from the day you paid (Developer is half the price of Learner Monthly).

Keep pushing your ROS learning!

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