Accidentally clicked check solution for "ROS in 5 Days" quiz

Hi, I have been working through ROS in 5 Days (Python) and I came across my first autocompleted quiz (the services quiz). After it completed the autocheck I clicked the orange button, thinking it would let me see what I got wrong. I didn’t realize that it show me a solution and permenantly ban me from retaking the quiz.

I see that this has been reversed in other posts. I would really appreciate it if someone could help reverse mine and let me try again. I truly just made a mistake and clicked the button without realizing what it did.

Thank you!

Hi, welcome to the community!

I will give you another try, but in the future, please pay attention to the pop-ups that appear once you start checking the quiz. Especially in the last step, when it says if you submit the quiz, you will not be able to submit again.

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