Access default package files in IDE

Is there a way to access the public_sim_ws workspace which contains all the default packages for each tutorial in IDE?
For example, in the Action: Client unit, I wish to view the file inside the IDE instead of using cat which is not convenient to look at.

Similarly, I also would like to view the structure of various topics, services and action packages that are present by default when we start any tutorial. Using roscd to navigate to these directories and viewing files in terminal is also not very convenient. IDE is instead very intuitive.

Hi, currently there is no way to see these files through the IDE. The only way is to use something like cat or vim to view those files. You can maximize the terminal to view more of the file in your screen.

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In addition to what @roalgoal said, you can also copy any file you want to view to any folder visible in the IDE.

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