Wrongly clicked show solution

I submitted the first task for correction and it did not identify the launch file (even if the name was exactly the same).

After that I wrongly clicked the show solution button. Even if it did not show the solution, it does not allow me to modify the launch file name and submit it again.

Could someone check it out and maybe give me a chance to resubmit the project?.

Thanks in advance.

Which quiz are you talking about specifically?

Please what do you mean by this?

I am talking about the 4.3 Topics quiz.

Yeah, I misclicked in the show solution option (clicked by mistake I mean) but the solution did not display.

Could I have the chance to fix/redo the exam and submit it again?.

I take your word for it that the solution did not display for you, but I have checked and it’s displaying as it should.

You may resubmit now.

Thanks a lot!.

Yes, firstly I misclicked the “show the solution” button by mistake. After that (maybe caused by my bad WiFi signal) the solution did not display.

Thanks once again

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