Why BB8 did not move enough?

Hello all,

At the service quiz in ROSBasicIn5Days, I’ve got 6/10, but I strongly sure that my square side is quite perfect! I have no idea why the corrector still return ‘BB8 did not move enough’. Before I started the test, I stopped all the terminal running. ( I have last chance!)

Screenshot from 2021-08-05 10-05-23

Thank you.

Hello @thipawan2112 ,

I just tested the code of the Quiz, and the BB8 just performs 1 square movement. As the Quiz instructions indicate, the expected movement should be:

makes BB-8 move in a small square twice and in a bigger square once

Also note that the small square has to be of, at least, 1 sqm. The big square has to be of, at least, 2 sqm.


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Ohhh, I haven’t seen that. It works now! Thank you for your help.