Where are the examples from ROS2 basics in 5 days book?

I bought the book on Amazon, hoping that it was an up-to-date introduction to ROS2.
I see that the book is very tied to Ros development studio, I don’t like too much when books target a proprietary tool, but it seems to be the only book talking about ROS2, so I decided to not mind too much about this.
But the issue is that the book is completely unusable since no of the “ROSJets” referenced in the text seem to work anymore.
All links reference rosds.online, but they redirect me to theconstructsim.com which is completely different from what is shown in the book and doesn’t even seem to provide the same features.
What happened to the samples in that book? I see that organization and style is similar to other samples on this site, are the authors connected to it? Do they plan an update of the book to make all the samples needed to understand it usable?
If they don’t I’ll be forced to leave a one-star review and warn other people against buying it because ATM is just a waste of money.

Hi Valter,

I apologize for this bad experience. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The discrepancies you see are due to a recent update of the ROSDS in order to make it better. We have it in the plan to update all the books in the first week of February so that they work with the new ROSDS.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll keep you posted on the updates.

I see that now the links work. Thank you.
But there are still some things not working (ex turtlebot in 2nd chapter) and the text in the Jupiter notebook does not match the book…
Do you have an update planned for the book (erratas or a full new version for those who got the e-reader version?).

Thanks for the update. Yes, we are going to update the books this month.

Any news about the book update? Do you plan to provide it for people who got the current no longer usable version?