When my real-agv rotate the lidar inflation don't along with map(Rf2o)


When running in a straight line, there is no problem (Lidat along with map ) but running rotate have a problem (Lidat not along with map ) . Please help me to solve a problem .

Package : Ros Turtlebot3
Odometry: Rf2o

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I am not familiar with the Rf2o package, its parameters or it configuration. I have never used it. So to be honest I cannot provide any actual assistance, but I can offer a surface-level observation. From what I can see in the brief video, it appears that the estimated robot pose turns in the opposite direction when the robot base turns. I cannot be completely certain due to the video’s brevity, but do you agree with this observation? If so, this could suggest that you have accidentally swapped left and right somewhere in your configuration, this error could be located anywhere from the robot base to the AMCL and Rf2o package. Perhaps someone else in this forum can offer additional insight.



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R2fo system is a position reference system from the laser that hits the object surface I learned from research that this system is more accurate compared to encoder system so I used it but met with the problems mentioned above. Do you have any advice, I need a precise positioning system ?

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