When a model's position and orientation is published by Gazebo, what's its reference frame?

In Course ROS TF, Unit 3, Publish ad SUbscribe to TF data, , using the file
multiple_broadcatser.py, we get the position of the models in Gazebo using the line pose_now = gazebo_model_object.get_model_pose(robot_name).

gazebo_model_object is an object of the class GazeboModel (which is from turtle_tf_3d.get_model_gazebo_pose).

Question: When we receive position and orientation information using function get_model_pose(), which was published by Gazebo, what is the reference frame for all the models, is it world by default?


The refference frame is always WORLD when we extract data from gazebo. Its the absolute position an orientation of that model,

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