What is the major improvement in the new version of the ROS2 Navigation lecture, which will be published on June 22nd, 2022?

Do you want to use the Humble?
Do you want to use the IGN Gazebo?

My focus is still on NAV2, and I think the current version is also good. Certainly, I am looking forward to the better one. Thanks for your hard work! I will not wait until the next month to continue VAN2 but focus on my current journey.

Hi, I’m one of the main creators of the new version of the course.
For the new version we are using ROS2 Galactic with Gazebo.

The problem with the current version of the course is that it is very shallow, and skips many steps in the explanations. It also contains several errors. It was created at a time when Nav2 was still in an early stage.

The new version of the course provides a more deep explanation of all the parts, corrects the errors and clarifies some topics that were not included in the old version, like the lifecycle manager nodes, the bevavior trees, and better explanations of the costmaps management.

It has been completely rebuilt from zero.


I will be very honored if I can try the Beta version.

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