Warning : no map received


I am trying to understand this error, I have created my own launch file in exercise 2.15. But I get the error if I don’t load the map server node with already saved map yaml file.If I wish to laucnh my node to scan the environment again how should I avoid this error in rviz.

Hello @kevinvincent.najran ,

Could you share some more details about the error? It is not very clear what the error exactly is. Could you take some screenshots or paste here the error log?



This is the error. This is the screenshot I took from the rosject for the course. I tried with the same launch file as shown in the example.

At this point I am trying to map the environment and the only node working is the gmapping which I launched with the launch file shown in the jupyter notes of the rosject.

The problem is fixed. I did not set the fixed frame as odom. Thank you for the response.