Warehouse robot don't go to nav goal position

I am trying to implement step3 of navigation Project. I am running amcl, move base and map server node. When I try to give nav goal position, robot does not go to that position and remains stuck.Please let me know what could be the issue.

By stuck, you mean it doesn’t move at all? Or that it moves but can’t reach the goal?

If its the first one, one place to first check is the topic that you have set for the move base to move the robot. You might have forgot to set it or has a different name. Check which one is it by moving it manually with the keyboard teleop.

If its the second, maybe your inflation values are too high or the goal restrictions are too strict.

Also check that the fixed frame in rviz is set to map before you assign a goal.

Ricardo’s notes in the Slack channel:

Remember that in order to provide a goal to the robot using Rviz, the fixed frame on Rviz must be set to map.

The navigation system only accepts goals based on the map frame.

When you use Rviz to send a goal, Rviz will look at which fixed frame it is set, and then send the coordinates of that frame. If the fixed frame is not set to map then the navigation system will receive a goal in a different frame that it doesn’t understand

I think it is the first one as it does not move at all. As in the snapshot, I think it receives the new goal request. Also I am sending the goal request from rviz, so assuming that it move base should be able to get the goal.