Want to restart the course


I’m working on ROS2 in 5 days, and I want to restart the whole course. How can I do that?


If you mean to retake the quizzes, then that is not possible. You would need to talk to you license administrator if you want to change what you’ve done as part of a course.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t mean to retake any quizzes, in fact I haven’t taken any yet at the moment.

I mean to factory reset the environment. As you go through a course you create new directory, files, and more right? I’ve done that, but probably wrongly. Now I don’t know which directly/files are the one that I created it, so just want to factory reset the environment. Hope this makes sense.

I understand.

If you have followed the instructions, then you should only have new files inside the ros2_ws directory. To erase them, you can do the following:

cd ~/ros2_ws
rm -rf build/ install/ src/

Dear roalgoal,

Sounds good. Thank you so much for your help.

Hello @roalgoal ,

I also wanted to reset this notebook but upon running your 2 lines all those folders were deleted obviously.
My question is how do I reinstate those folders and their files?
I would like to redo Unit 2 Basic Concepts because I also made a mistake.

Thanks !!

Hi, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, you can’t reinstate those folders after running the command I shared above.
You’ll have to create a new src/ folder and compile the workspace. After that, you can start creating the packages from the first unit again:

cd ~/catkin_ws
mkdir src

After those commands you’ll have a clean workspace so you can start again.

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