UUV Simulator problem


I’m trying to work on a project with the UUV Simulator.
I installed everything correctly but the simulation in gazebo isn’t right, there’s no water and i can’t see the ROV. Is there a solution or is it just not supported on the website ?

Thanks !


Water for some reason doesn’t render correctly in the Web based system. All the sensors, physics and so will work perfectly, but you wont see it in the gazebo window. Its not critical , because the cameras will pick it up. If you could share the rosject we might be able to have a look


At least I know it wasn’t me who did something wrong. But too bad it doesn’t work online.

Here’s the rosject : Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses
And the commands to start the simulation :
$ roslaunch uuv_gazebo_worlds empty_underwater_world.launch (or any other world in the folder)
$ roslaunch uuv_descriptions upload_rexrov.launch
$ roslaunch uuv_control_cascaded_pid key_board_velocity.launch

Thanks for you answer and your help !