Using RP-Lidar A2 M8 with Jetson Nano to avoid obstacles

Hi, I’m working on the project of " the Prototype of autonomous car ". I need your help in controlling RPLidarA2. As I do not want to use ROS to control lidar because I do not have much time. Can you tell me some other ways to make fusion of some components like camera and lidar? Can I control RP-Lidar A2 M8 using only python language to avoid obstacles?
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It really depends on what you want to do. Using ROS can on the long run make you win time, because you dont ahve to reinvent the wheel, specially for sensor merging and other high level tasks.

But here you have : GitHub - SkoltechRobotics/rplidar: Python module for RPLidar A1 and A2 rangefinder scanners

This seems to be lidar python library.

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