Using moveit on a brand new robot

Hi All
My question here relates to how i can apply the techniques we learn here in other environments
In my case i created a robot from scratch following the URDFForRobotModdling course and now im trying to create a movit config for this robot and then move it in the gazebo simulator

Once i create my xacro definition of my robot im able spawn it in gazebo using what i learnt in the URDF course. I can even move it around using rqt_gui

But the topics that exist in my environment is


However in this course environment it magically has the topics


Which looks like a different action server

when i spawned my robot i used a buddy_contoller.yaml which looked like

  # Publish all joint states -----------------------------------
    type: joint_state_controller/JointStateController
    publish_rate: 50

  # Position Controllers ---------------------------------------
    type: effort_controllers/JointPositionController
    joint: body_M1yawlink_joint
    pid: {p: 3.0, i: 1.0, d: 0.0}

should i be changing this file? do i need to use a different “type” instead of "effort_controllers/JointPositionController’

Can you please go into how this robot was spawned int gazebo? And how i can spawn my own robot so it too can be used by moveit using the same topics?

Hello @darthShana ,

Here you can have a look at how controllers are being configured for the sia robot: Bitbucket

As you can see, it uses the JointTrajectoryController (which is the most common controller used for robotic arms):

hi @albertoezquerro
thanks for your response
That got me on the right track…