Using IMU for robot_localization packege


I am using realsense t265 as IMU for my robot, I want to use robot_localization for accurate odom but i get an error:

Could not read sensor update configuration for topic imu0 (type: 0, expected: 7). Error was type error

Warning: /camera/gyro/sample is listed as an input topic, but all its update variables are false

my IMU config is like this:

imu0: /camera/gyro/sample
imu0_config: [false, false, false, # X,Y,Z
               false, false, false, # R,P,Y
               false,  false, false, # Linear velocities
               false, false, true, # Angular velocities
               true, true, true] # Linear Acceleration

and I am sure that my topic is publishing messages of type: sensor_msgs/IMU

How should I use my IMU with robot_localization?