URDF File Creation

I am using Fusion 360 to design roots and I use a URDF exporter. Would the course materials cover opening up a URDF file created this way?

Hi @umaransah ,

Given the fact that the URDF format has to be the same, immaterial of which software/program generates the file, you should be (technically) be able to use it with ROS.

I have used Fusion 360 before, for both mechanical and electrical, but I have not generated a URDF file with F360. So, the best bet for you, is to try it out yourself instead of waiting for someone to give you an answer.

I am giving you this reply about 1 day later, you could have tried this yourself in the (24 hours) meantime! It could have saved you time and given you experience!


PS: I know that I did not give you an answer or solve your problem, but some reply might be of help!

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