URDF code error

while processing /home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_mira_description/launch/spawn_gurdy.launch:
Invalid roslaunch XML syntax: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u’/home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_mira_description/launch/spawn_gurdy.launch’
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

I’m getting this error when running gurdy robot. This is quiz part in URDF. I hope this is because of not adding meshes. But when I try to add mesh there is again an error popping up. Please let me know why isn’t it functioning and also there is one another doubt. How to use the following things mentioned below.

  • /gurdy/joint_states
  • /gurdy/head_upperlegM1_joint_position_controller/command
  • /gurdy/head_upperlegM2_joint_position_controller/command
  • /gurdy/head_upperlegM3_joint_position_controller/command
  • /gurdy/upperlegM1_lowerlegM1_joint_position_controller/command
  • /gurdy/upperlegM2_lowerlegM2_joint_position_controller/command
  • /gurdy/upperlegM3_lowerlegM3_joint_position_controller/command

Or where to use it or how to use it and the importance of it.


The first errors says that in the my_mira_description package there s no spawn_gurdy.launch, which is normal because that spawn should be created inside another package, called my_gurdy_description probably. So check that at least you have that launch where ros is looking for .

Second, the controllers are used for moving the different joints of the robot. That is explained in the first units of the course, so have a look at it again :wink: