Updating phone number for subcription to the website

I want to upgrade to the monthly subscription but i cannot as i am unable to receive verification code in the phone number. The number is no longer in use and i would like to update my new phone number.

Can you direct me to procedure for changing my phone number. I have tried changing it in the profile setting but it did not change in the subscription window.

Thank you

I’m sorry that you are having this problem.

The phone number is not managed by us, it is managed by Stripe.com, our payments partner. You need to contact their support to change this phone number.

There might also be another button on the payment page to input your payment afresh and ditch the information stored with that phone number. If you have that option (could you please share what you see on that screen?), that would be much faster than contacting Stripe support.

Does signing up as guest option on the payment page and making the payment, links to the current account that i am using?

Yes, it links to the account you are using, as long as you initiate the payment from that account in the app, before being redirected to Stripe.

Thank you, I will start with the subscription.

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