Unit3 - small bug - source is two times in the material


In 3.3, cam_bot_odom_to_tf_pub_late_tf_fixed.py source is placed two times in the material.
The two version is a bit different in its structure, but they are doing the same.
The second one has more comment but the first one is cleaner, that uses a method to get header data.
However the second one contains the part that is used in the explanation.

Please consider to delete the first one.

Thank you in advance


Could you elaborate on the issue, because I don’t quite understand what you mean there by the “source”?

Hi, the code of cam_bot_odom_to_tf_pub_late_tf_fixed.py was two times in the material, below each other. But I can not see this in the latest version.
So it is solved.

Thank you

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