Unit3 does not work - Rviz configuration problem?

After watching Open Class #143 (How to broadcast a TF in ROS2 | ROS2 Developers Open Class #143 - YouTube) I was able to get a better idea of the end goal of unit 3. However, the image capability doesn’t work for the course.

I was not able to render the image in RVIZ2 at any point in the course. However, the gazebo was properly working at all time. There maybe an issue with the rviz configuration for the camera.

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Hi @asierra.me, welcome to the community!

What do you mean by “the image capability doesn’t work for the course”?

As for rviz2, it is just a visualizing tool for what is happening in the simulation or on the actual robots. If you weren’t able to see a camera, then it was probably an issue where you have to set the frame from which the image is coming from.

So you add the image topic to your rviz2 configuration, and then configure that topic so it matches what Gazebo is spitting out. You need to look at the frame and the name of the topic that the image is publishing on.

Send over some screenshots if the problem persists

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