Unit 8 - Barcelona Cafe simulated environment almost empty

Hello TheConstruct Team,

We noticed that the simulated Barcelona Cafe environment in the Mastering With ROS TurtleBot3 - Unit 8 is almost empty. See attached screenshot :

The simulated environment looks like lot of additional objects (furniture, …) are missing with regard to what is described in the associated course instructions.
This is NOT URGENT but when you have a moment, could you please check this ?

BTW : thank you for the fix to Gazebo windows loading forever in this unit !

Hi Raphael,

Thank you for letting us know. Let me check this with the Simulations team.

However, I don’t think this should stop you from moving forward with the project, since the concept is the same regardless of the number of objects.

Regardind the earlier fix, you’re welcome :wink:


It should now look as it should. Please clean your browser cache just in case.