Unit 6 issue : Unable to retrieve odom->base_footprint transform

I am doing the Unit6 project. I want to build all the four models prescribed and currently am doing the first one. I have built the launch file but after launching it, I get this error : -

[ERROR] [1606382519.436455459, 2022.655000000]: Unable to retrieve odom->base_footprint transform.Skipping iteration…

Can you help me out from this?
Thank you.


First check that the TF published has a path from ocom to base_footprint.


rosrun tf view_frames

I got the same problem as you. The reason is that the noise_odometry publishes tf between /wheel_odom and /base_footprint, whereas the local_ekf node publishes another tf between /odom and /base_footprint. It turns out that /base_footprint has two parent nodes, which will results in error. I just go to the noise_odometry.py and set the param publish_tf to False. It gets rid of the error for me perfectly.