Unit 6 - Final Quiz : Actions


I keep having this error when launching the automatic evaluation of my code.

Compiling and running the code works from my terminal tho. Do you have any idea about what could be the problem? I’ve already spent 3 attempts at evaluation trying to fix it


When I try to re-compile after this, I get this error, which I didn’t have before!

I can fix it by recompiling actions_quiz_msg and actions_quiz independently and in this exact order.

Hi @Marco_Monforte ,

If you are sure that it compiles without any flaw, then try the following steps:

  1. Delete the devel, install and log folders
  2. Start AutoGrader without recompiling - GradeBot compiles your program again.

Let me know if this worked for you.


Hi @girishkumar.kannan

Thanks for the prompt reply! I tried but I got this error immediately, even tho the package exists of course

Is it possible to restart my attempts? I have only one left

Hi @Marco_Monforte ,

It is quite weird that the GradeBot is checking your package in catkin_ws/src and ros2_ws/src.
I am not sure what is happening, so I am tagging an admin here: @bayodesegun .

Also, did you check if you have satisfied all the requirements?:

  1. Is your package in /home/user/ros2_ws/src?
  2. Was colcon build successful?
  3. After sourcing your install/setup.bash, were you able to locate your package when you run ros2 pkg list?

Please re-check and answer the above three questions, it can help The Construct team to fix your problem.


@girishkumar.kannan @Marco_Monforte
That was a typo. I have corrected it.

I see that you have already moved past this stage. I have given you two more trials to correct the final point of the quiz, which is currently not passing.

You can click on the “notes” button beside the quiz button to view the last feedback from the gradebot.

Hi @girishkumar.kannan and @bayodesegun ,

Yes, I was able to move forward this morning. I basically missed the instruction in the package XML file, so it was working when I was compiling manually in a certain order, but not when the grader was doing everything from scratch!

Thanks a lot for the support and for the additional trials!

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