Unit 4 Example 4.1 missing services

At the beginning of the Unit 4 we are asked to list the available services and use two of them. However they are not present.

For example command ros2 service list | grep moving does not print anything and ros2 service call /moving std_srvs/srv/Empty prints out waiting for service to become available....

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Hello @envilon ,

I’ve just fixed this. If you access the unit again you should be able to the services running. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you @albertoezquerro! I can confirm that it works now.

Since I created the thread, I have another small piece of feedback. There is a typo towards the end of Example 4.2. Before the command ros2 service call /stop std_srvs/srv/Empty, there is a paragraph saying: Do you remember there was another Service called /stopped? Try to use it. But the service is named /stop, not /stopped. Other references to this service in the text seem to be correct.

Just fixed this in the notebooks as well. Many thanks for your feedback @envilon !

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