Unit 3: Using an external localisation system - Missing link lengths and joints information

After following the 2.1 exercise of unit 3 and running rviz I end up with the following errors:

I believe the urdf files defining the frame transforms are missing in the directory. Is that correct? If so how should I go about fixing it?

Hello @Has22 ,

This looks like an error in the Fixed Frame you are using for RViz. If you are using the map frame then you need to make sure that you have launched the mapping node with the command indicated in Exercise 2.1:

roslaunch my_sumit_xl_tools start_mapping.launch

If you haven’t launched the mapping node, then you have to set it to summit_xl_a_base_footprint in order to properly visualize the robot. Hope this helps.

Thank for the prompt response @albertoezquerro That helped fix the issue.