Unit 3 Topics Quiz

It claims I am not subscribed to odom. I think it is a node name convential issue since the code runs fine when I run it. Any thoughts on where I went wrong because I have checked the launch file, setup and main code. I am included images of everything

i think you are missing a / before the topic name

Hi @lallyat

If your program works well try this:

  • remove build, install and log folders
  • resend your attempt

I tried both of those solutions and neither of them fixed my issue

Can you show the output of:

ros2 topic info /odom

while the quiz is launched locally (i.e. not submitted).

Hello @lallyat ,

From the image you shared, I can see the name of your node is topics_quiz, which is defined in the line:


I think you are confusing the node name with the executable name, which in your case it’s topics_quiz_node.

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