Unit 3: No access to Quiz Solution

Hello there,

I submitted the Topics quiz successfully 10/10 but after grading process finished I could not access the solutions for the quiz. I want to compare my solution with the one of the instructor. How is this possible?

Our records shows that you checked the solution once. At this time, you can only do it once.

If you would like to do it again, consider voting this feature request.

I did not see the solution. I don’t know if there was a bug or if the solution was showing but it was not clear to me that it is the solution. But anyways this is not acceptable in my opinion. I’m paying a lot of money for this course and I’m not able to see the solution?!

I just found out from unit 4 that there will be a pop-up which is blocked by Firefox. So for Unit 3 I did not notice that the solution is shown via pop-up. It would be great if this is added as a hint, when using the solution button.

Your points are noted. We already have it in our roadmap to improve the whole pipeline, only I can’t say exactly when we can have this done, but voting on that request helps.

Since you have done very well in the quiz, it’s likely that your solution and ours are very similar.

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