Unit 3 - Inconsistent data types for custom interface "Age"

The instructions for creating the custom interface “Age” (Section 3.5, point 2) are inconsistent with the expected result of the command ros2 interface show custom_interfaces/msg/Age (last point before beginning of Section 3.6):

Instructions for creating custom interface “Age”

  1. The Age.msg file must contain the following:


uint8 years
uint8 months
uint8 days

Expected result:

"If the structure of the age message appears, it means that your message has been created successfully and is ready to be used in your ROS2 programs.

Execute in Shell #1

ros2 interface show custom_interfaces/msg/Age

Shell #1 Output

int32 year
int32 month
int32 day"

Incidentally, the use of uint8 is incompatible with the suggested code for “example36.py”:

def on_shutdown(self):
self.age.year = 2021
self.age.month = 5
self.age.day = 21
self.get_logger().info(‘Date this program was made : %d’ %
self.age.day + ‘/%d’ % self.age.month + ‘/%d’ % self.age.year)

2021 cannot be represented in uint8. Implementing Age.msg with uint8 will result in an error in the shell when running example36:

self.age.years = 2021
[example36-1] File “/home/user/ros2_ws/install/custom_interfaces/lib/python3.8/site-packages/custom_interfaces/msg/_age.py”, line 134, inyears
[example36-1] assert value >= 0 and value < 256,
[example36-1] AssertionError: The ‘years’ field must be an unsigned integer in [0, 255]


That mistake is probably a typo. They all should be int32. But if you are really interested, you can make:
uint16 years
uint8 months
uint8 days

Hope I solved your issue. Let me know if that helped.


Hello @EQdAzc ,

This error has been solved. Thanks for the feedback!

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