Unit 3: Creating the behavior of the robot

Unit 3: Creating the behavior of the robot: Creating an Actionlib state

When I try to launch flexbe app, it raises an error as shown below:

How can I fix it.

Thank you for your support

Hello @ast1 ,

Is this error happening in exercise 3.5? Could you also please share your code with me? You can send it to aezquerro@theconstructsim.com

Yes exercise 3.5, I’ve applied it as is before and it was working.
But for now the error still there, the flexbe app is disconnected.

Hello @ast1 ,

It looks like there’s some kind of error with your Flexbe setup. I’ve sent to your e-mail a version I have just created now, with the Navigation Goal State created. Could you please replace your Flexbe packages with these ones and test if it works like this?