Unit 2: Missing module "setuptools" in setup.py

Hi together,

i’m pretty new to ROS hence doing this course. I got basic Python coding skills and just a little Unix experience. While following the curse i encountered an error after exercise 2.1 where one has to create the launch file and compile the package etc. to finally launch said file.

In the setup.py that i copied from the course I get an error that the module setuptools (from setuptools import setup) could not be resolved.
Including setuptools in the dependencies of the package didnt resolve this issue either. I also tried installing setuptools from what I found on a different Topic with “pip install setuptools==56.2.00” or some version like that. Nothing helped yet so i came here in hope to find a solution.

P.S. that screenshot is taken AFTER deleting all the directories etc. and some trouble shooting. So just saying I had the same error while following and copying all prompts 1:1 from the course.

Please ignore that import error as long as it does not stop your code from running. Sometimes Pylance is confused and that error clears with time.

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